Host’s descriptions


  • Names of family members
  • Years of birth
  • Occupations
  • Pets
  • Hobbies
  • The home and neighbourhood
  • Bus routes to the city centre
  • Amenities around the area

Sample description.

I am Pamela (1980) I live with my partner Mark (1978) their daughter Jessica (2004) and a baby boy, Stephen (2023).
I work as a clerk while Mark works as a forklift driver for DHL. We like to go for walks in our county and love to meet people with other cultures.
Our daughter Jessica goes to school, she loves gymnastics.
In the surroundings of our house you will find many things to do, there is a supermarket within 5 minutes walking distance and other stores such as a hairdresser, pharmacy and a typical Irish pub. Commuting to the city centre of Dublin is really easy, we have a bus stop 7 minutes walk away that will take you to O’Connell Street.

Please avoid writing ages, but rather years of birth.

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